Anonymous web proxy sites are quit fast for surfing the internet and unblocking facebook using this Facebook proxy site.

An online proxy site offers numerous benefits and solutions to the web proxy user. In many countries where access to certain websites are restricted from viewing due to political, cultural and economical reasons, the web proxy allows the user to bypass that country restriction and view it without limits. In many countries, the governments limit social networks like YouTube and Facebook, and users in those countries are not able to access those sites. With proxy site, the users are able to access those social networks without restrictions.

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In many countries as well, political activism and vocal words against governments have been waged with the use of online proxy's, which allowed the users to post content beyond their normal walls.

Why to use web proxy sites?

You should use an anonymous proxy if you want your Internet usage to remain anonymous and without your IP address tracked by websites and servers. By using an online proxy, your request will be stripped of identifying information and viewed naturally without country or regional restriction. In certain universities and businesses as well, certain limits are imposed to restrict the users from viewing certain websites for reasons known to them. The online proxy allows the user to access those sites free of tracking and monitoring. If you are concerned about your online digital footprint and it being tracked, an online proxy is for you.